(This fix works regardless of page or post style or template, or whether you are using a sidebar or not. It is global, so all Youtube videos on your site will be centered once you make this simple fix.)


Avada theme has a dedicated Youtube video insertion element in the Avada 5.0X Fusion Builder, making it easy to insert, size and control Youtube videos in your posts and pages.

Avada Youtube video element


Unfortunately, the video does not center inside the container, and always pushes to the left of the page.

avada does not center youtube videos in Youtube video element


Now, you can try to control the alignment with padding, container size, or spacing, but this will destroy your responsive. Want an easy and global way to ensure that all of your Youtube videos center inside the page on every page of your website? No problem, here you go!

Simply navigate to Avada Theme Options, and scroll down to the Custom CSS tab. Once you open the tab, simply add this code to the next line in your custom CSS:

.fusion-youtube{margin: 0 auto !Important;}


Now, when you reload your page with the Youtube video inserted, it looks like this:


Now, any time you insert a Youtube video into a post or page, your video will be centered. This works whether or not you have a sidebar or whatever size container you are using!

Rather see it done in a Youtube video? Here you go!